Forgotten Spaces

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Those spaces in the home that used to be forgotten and closed behind doors have now become very important and highly functional!  Laundry rooms, mud rooms, and coat closets used to be shoved in left over corners of houses with a door over them to keep them out of site.  Now, we have discovered that these spaces can be redesigned in a very functional way to make our daily lives easier.  Why cover them up?  Make a design statement with them!  Home renovation trends have homeowners rethinking the layout and locations of laundry rooms, coat storage, and mud rooms.  These areas allow a special space that can be tailored to the home owner’s family and needs.  These are areas where we can take everyday activities and add some pizazz.

Fun and bright wall colors or cabinet finishes brighten up a laundry room.  Why not make the space of everyday chores full of bright and cheery colors.  These are easy spaces to incorporate different color tones and patterns that may be a little too wild for the main living areas.  When designing these spaces, color selections can be fun but they can also be great spaces for organizing family needs.              A family with several children may need different drop zones for sports bags and backpacks.  Adults may want charging stations or places for laundry awaiting a trip to the dry cleaners.  Some families use these rooms for storage of household cleaning items or overflow grocery storage.  Each lifestyle will have different needs and laundry and mud rooms have become great spaces to offer this kind of organization and arrangements.

The kitchen and bath industry is definitely seeing a trend in laundry room and mud room design investments.  Homeowners are making the most of the spaces they have and even changing the space shape and size as part of a larger remodel.  image1When making room for your laundry/mud room consider your family’s needs.  If a sink is needed, determine the size of the bowl based on how much counter top space you can give up. image7 Washer and dryers come in many styles and configurations and can be top loading units that sit on the floor or front loading units that can be raised up with storage below.  In some cases stacking the washer and dryer offers even more space in the coveted laundry area.  Design your space to remove clutter.  Install accessories that help in making the most of spaces.  Ironing board can be installed in cabinetry or in walls, pull out storage for cleaning products can in tall and narrow or wide and allow access to deep spaces.  Hanging rods for line drying laundry can be incorporated in cabinets or have a fold down option.  Utilizing wall space with racks, cabinets, or shelves can help to make the most of a space.image3

We realize that when remodeling or building a home your budget is always a consideration.  Kitchens typically receive the largest percentage of the cabinetry allowance but laundry and mud rooms are starting to get a little more of the budget.  Although this space is a necessity and will be used just as frequently as the kitchen there are some budget cutting options you can consider.  Introducing fun wall colors or a unique light fixture are easy and low cost options.  If a remodel is in your plans, the old kitchen cabinets can many times be reconfigured and possibly refinished to give a savings on the cabinet cost.  Repurposing products from throughout the house can breathe new life to both your laundry room and a piece of furniture you have loved.  Storage options are plentiful and homeowners can work with their designers to find the most cost effective and useful storage components for their particular family’s needs.  Today’s homes are using more and more granite and quartz in kitchens and bathrooms but in a laundry room a laminate counter top is an easy cost savings option that still offers a durable counter top for work surfaces.  Hooks, wall racks, and hanging rods are also very inexpensive items to make the most of your laundry and mud room spaces.

Design trend in new homes and remodels lead us to believe that we will continue to see an increased interest in making the most of laundry and mud rooms.  As more smart home and smart appliance options become available the spaces are naturally going to evolve and incorporate the latest technology has to offer.  With today’s busy lifestyles and increasing need for organization and functionality we expect to spend more and more time on the design and execution of a fabulous laundry or mud room in more and more homes.  Those forgotten spaces will most definitely become eye catching invaluable rooms.

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